How to buy a Women a Handbag

perfect handbagWe give you advice to help get you in and out of the store with the right bag that perfectly suits your woman taste and lifestyle. You'll see it's really not that hard after all.

Clutch Purse

Clutch PurseAs more women entered the workforce, the decorative beaded handbags and more fanciful embroidered or tapestry purses of previous years were limited to dressy evening events. The clutch purse became the standard for business or daytime activities.

Trendy Handbags for Fall Fashion

Trendy HandbagsFrom faux fur to denim and chain-link straps, these bags will carry you through the season.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Handbag Trends

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Handbag TrendsIt is said that the way you hold your handbag speaks much about your personality, temperament and the mood of the moment.