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At first, ladies didn’t carry their stuff in bags.

They used a pouch or purse that was hidden under their clothing or even a pocket at the inside of the jacket. At that time, women weren’t allowed to carry a purse that everyone could see. This was considered to be a very indecent gesture.

Made from silk

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History shows us that the earlier form of handbags was a silky pocket or pouch that was worn next to the skin. This was because no one could steal the money this way.

Relationship Insecurity

Studies show that women who own expensive luxury designer bags are insecure when it comes to their relationship. The handbag is a statement, a warning to the other ladies that their partner isn’t available. When a relationship is vulnerable, women tend to buy expensive bags. It is either a way of paying back with their man or a way of letting other females know that the relationship is stronger than ever. Replica designer handbags

Replica designer handbags are a natural consequence of the success that designer purses have. The more expensive and exclusivist a designer bag is the more women want it, even if they can’t afford it. And so appears the opportunity for replica manufacturers to produce a copy that is affordable to every gal around. If original purses had decent prices then there would be no need to buy a replica bag instead.